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Raynaud's Disease

Raynaud's disease is a condition caused by constriction and spasms of small arteries, primarily in the hands after exposure to cold. Frequently, white or bluish discoloration of the hands (and sometimes toes, cheeks, nose, or ears) will occur after exposure to cold or emotional stress. After the discoloration, the sensation of cold and sometimes numbness follows. If the affected digit is again warmed, then the blood supply returns to the area. Sometimes this is painful and there is a throbbing sensation. The cause of Raynaud’s disease is unknown. A condition called Raynaud's phenomenon causes similar symptoms, but it is the result of connective tissue disease or exposure to certain chemicals. Affected individuals should avoid cold temperatures, dress warmly and use lined gloves if they must go out in the cold, avoid tobacco, emotional situations, and certain drugs.

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