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Surgery (and Post-surgical recovery)

Post-Surgical Recovery – once surgery is completed certain nutrients can help speed wound healing and improve your health and immune status, which are all important considerations for post-surgical recovery.

Recommended Supplements

Adëeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

Multiple Vitamin and Mineral contains all vitamins and minerals from Vitamin A to Zinc, many of which are required for wound healing and to replenish  More

Adëeva Nature’s Essential Oils

Nature’s Essential Oils contains the perfect mixture of essential fats required to make prostaglandins series 1 and series 3, which help to minimi More

Adëeva Ultimate Glutathione

Ultimate Glutathione contains natural agents proven to boost glutathione levels. Glutathione is required as a cellular antioxidant and participates in More

Adëeva Lean Mass Plus Shake

Lean Mass Plus Shake contains 25 gms of whey protein per serving. Whey protein is the most biological superior protein to repair and rebuild lean mass More