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Tendinitis, Bursitis, Muscle Inflammation

A number of natural anti-inflammatory supplements may help to reduce inflammation and pain, and also reduce dependency upon anti-inflammatory drugs, many of which can cause stomach pain, ulcers, intestinal bleeding, liver and kidney toxicity and hasten the destruction of joint cartilage with long-term use.

Recommended Supplements

Adëeva Nature’s Relief

Nature’s Relief contains the four most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs discovered to date, which have shown benefit in a multitude of inflammatory  More

Adëeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral

All-In-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral contains boosted levels of important antioxidants, a B-50 complex and certain minerals, which are important to help More

Adëeva Nature’s Essential Oils

Nature’s Essential Oils contain the perfect combination of essential fatty acids to suppress the inflammatory process. These essential oils enable t More