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Active Ingredients

Amounts for 2 capsules,

60 per bottle

Butterbur Root (std 15% sesquiterpenes as petasines)

150 mg

Feverfew Leaf

500 mg

MigranEx contraindications & considerations:


Anti-coagulants or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (1)



Breast feeding or Lactation

Kidney failure (Renal failure) (6)

Received an organ transplant of any kind (6)

If kidney has been removed (6)

Kidney clearance problem (e.g., a dialysis patient) (6)

Liver ailments (6)

Kidney disease (6)

Medication / Treatment / Apparatus

Anti-coagulant therapy or drug such as Warfarin or Coumadin (8)

Receiving chemotherapy treatment (6)

Receiving radiation treatment (6)

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (8)

* Children UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE SHOULD NOT TAKE this supplement.

(6) Requires approval from specialist

(8) Monitor patient INR or prothrombin time to guard against a bleeding disorder (feverfew concern)


Natural supplement to reduce migraines

60 Vegetable Capsules

MigranEx contains natural agents proven in clinical studies to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks by up to 77% in migraine sufferers.

MigranEx contains the dosages and standardized grades of the herbs, butterbur and feverfew, shown to reduce migraine frequency by 50 to 77%, as reported in clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, including Neurology, Headache, Lancet, British Medical Journal, International Journal of Clinical and Pharmacological Therapies, among others.

Butterbur is an herb that contains active constituents (pentasin and isopetasin) that block key steps in the production of migraine headaches by inhibiting the synthesis of inflammatory leukotrienes and prostaglandin E2,

which can trigger migraines. They also have an antispasmodic effect on vascular walls and appear to have an affinity for cerebral blood vessels. Butterbur extract also appears to act as a natural beta blocker, stabilizing normal flow of blood to the brain.

Feverfew has been used for centuries in European folk medicine as a remedy for headaches and some other conditions. The migraine-relieving activity of feverfew is believed to be due to parthenolide, an active compound that helps relieve and smooth muscle spasms. In particular, it helps prevent the constriction of blood vessels in the brain (one of the leading causes of migraine headaches.) Like butterbur, parthenolide also inhibits the production of prostaglandin hormones that cause inflammation of vessels. Feverfew inhibits excessive aggregating of platelets, which also normalizes blood flow. This effect has also been attributed to the ability of feverfew to reduce migraine frequency and severity.

Natural Migraine Control

Adëeva MigranEx supplement gives you the opportunity to reduce the number of migraine attacks you experience. Most migraine patients welcome this news, along wiith the fact that it can make them less dependent on conventional migraine medications, all of which can produce adverse side effects and/or create physical/psychological dependency. In conjunction with massage therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture, Adeeva MigranEx is the perfect adjunct to the natural management of troublesome migraine problems.


Two veggie capsules contain:

  1. Butterbur Root: 150 mg (standardized to minimum 15% sesquiterpenes as petasines)
  2. Feverfew: 500 mg (standardized grade of parthenolide concentration of 0.7%)


  • Adults: Take one capsule twice per day for migraine prevention. At the first sign of a migraine, consider taking 3-4 capsules as a single dose to help abort or minimize the attack.
  • Children and teenagers 10 years and older: Take one capsule, or one-half a capsule, per day for migraine prevention.