Adeeva Practitioner Program

Adeeva Practitioner Program

Product Brochures for Your Patients

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Supporting Research

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Product Videos

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  • Dr. Meschino has recorded a short video for each product, explaining the science behind each formulation, what the active ingredients are and how they work. Each video contains on-screen notes that summarize the information.

Online Anti-aging podcast

A great education tool for your patients/clients !

Special Offers & Programs for Practitioners – Monthly Specials, Personal Use & Affiliate

  • We have new specials every month, where practitioners can receive FREE products and/or
    discounts of up to 50%
  • Practitioners will receive a short article from Dr. Meschino (email) describing the health
    benefits of our featured product(s), along with this month’s special offer
  • Call Tonda at: 1-888-251-1010 to order or to get details

MW Digital Coaching Program - receive 20 complimentary subscriptions (valued at $100 each) by placing a minimum Adeeva product order of $250, after any discounts have been applied.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition / Lifestyle / Healthy Aging Assessment
    • Personalized wellness status report plus nutrition, lifestyle and healthy aging recommendations based on the latest scientific studies.
    • Personalized report and recommendation would normally cost hundreds of dollars, if provided by a Nutritionist or ND.
    • Give a subscription to your 20 favourite wellness-oriented patients
    • Contact Tonda at Adeeva to find out more: 1-888-251-1010
  • Ongoing Health Literacy
    1. Weekly update videos from Dr. Meschino (Lifestyle Medicine news in wellness, antiaging & healthy life expectancy)
    2. Today’s Willpower Moment – video (weekly) – strategies to overcome psychological barriers to wellness and improve mindfulness
    3. Healthy Lifestyle Booster (twice-weekly) – bite-size nugget wellness strategy education/actionable step) < 1 min. attention span
  • Tracking Tools for Important Biometrics & Wellness Practices (cholesterol, sleep, mood,
  • Embedded Step Challenge – including step-equivalents
    • Goal 10,000/day, reaching 900,000 steps in the first 90 days.
  • Personal Wellness Checklist (with nudges)
  • Nutrition Manager
    • Nutrition & Pregnancy, Lactation, Infant & Early Childhood Nutrition (sidebar)
  • Mental Health Assessment (Dashboard)
  • Built-in utility that enables the patient to share their feedback report with a health practitioner. the shared report has an expiry date and can be easily shared with their doctor, trainer, chiropractor, dietician, etc., so that the practitioner can provide additional input.
Download a summary PDF of the Adeeva Practitioner Program
Download a summary PDF of the Adeeva Practitioner Program