Lifestyle Medicine Updates

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Vitamin B12 in Alzheimer’s Prevention

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Omega-3 Fats Increase Longevity in Humans

Protein for Breakfast is Key Strategy for Muscle Strength-Mass, and Anti-Aging

Melatonin Recommended as First Choice Sleep Aid for Individuals Over 55 yr.

Fermented Foods Increase Friendly Gut Bacteria, Reduce Inflammation and Help Regulate Immune Function

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More Optimal Vitamin D Status Reduces Risk of Opioid Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms: 2021 Research Suggests

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Low Iodine Intake from Plant-based Diets Increasing Risk of Neurological Defects in Children

Diet and Botanical Agents for Premenstrual Syndrome – PMS

Vitamins and Minerals in the Management of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Vitamin D Treatment Guidelines for Covid-19 Patients

Vitamin D Supplementation Improves Outcomes for Covid-19 Patients: Study Shows

Pre-Exercise Coffee Consumption and Fat-burning

Soy Protein vs Animal Protein in Muscle Gains

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U.K Government and German Researchers Take Strong Position on Providing Citizens with Vitamin D Supplements

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