Lifestyle Medicine Updates

LMU 253 – Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Supplements Shown to Reverse Fatty Liver Problems (NASH)

LMU 252 – High LDL-Cholesterol Shown to be an Independent Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease: Large Meta-analysis Study

LMU 251 – Higher Potassium Intake Lower High Blood Pressure and Reduces Cardiovascular Deaths, Especially in Women

LMU 250 – Vitamin B6 Supplementation Shown to Help Treat Anxiety Disorders: Large Clinical Trial

LMU 249 – Daily Glucosamine Supplement Shown to Reduce Mortality from Many Causes, even in Smokers

LMU 248 – Boswellia Supplement Shown to Improve Knee Arthritis

LMU 247 – Stress Ages the Immune System, but Supplements and Lifestyle Factors Can Preserve Immune Function Under Stressful Conditions

LMU 246 – High Cholesterol Diet Increases Lung Inflammation, Making Influenza and Other Infections More Severe and Dangerous

LMU 245 – Dosage of Omega-3 Fats Required to Reduce High Blood Pressure Identified in JAMA Review

LMU 244 – Dietary Modification Shown to Improve Depression in Young Men

LMU 243 – Early Adult and Mid-Life Cholesterol and Glucose Levels Predict Alzheimer’s disease Later in Life (Framingham study 2022)

LMU 242 – Turkey Tail Mushroom Enhances Immune Function in Breast Cancer Patients After Radiation Treatment

LMU 241 – The Longevity Diet

LMU 48 – Sulfurophane (from broccoli) Shown to Decrease Cancer via Epigenetic Effect: Breakthrough study

LMU 46 – Natural Heavy Metal Detoxification: A Review

LMU 41 – Vitamin D May Protect Lung Function in Smokers

LMU 40 – Vitamin D Supplementation Reduces Asthma Attack Frequency and Severity in Adults

LMU 38 – Omega-3 fats and antioxidant supplements prompt breakdown of beta-amyloid plaque, via monocytes, in brains of patients with mild cognitive impairment

LMU 240 – CDP-choline Supplementation Improves Memory in 50–85-year-old Subjects

LMU 239 – Vitamin E Supplementation Enhances Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment Leading to Improved Survival in Cancer Patients

LMU 238 – Just One Alcoholic Drink A Day Shown to Shrink Brain Size

LMU 237 – Niacin Administration (vitamin B3) Shows Further Evidence of Blocking Key Steps in Alzheimer’s disease Development

LMU 236 – The Negative Effect of Leaded Gasoline on the IQ of People Born in 60’s and 70’s and How to Remove Lead from Your Body

LMU 235 – Vitamin C Enhances the Lung Protective Effects of Vitamin E in Smokers and Non-Smokers

LMU 234 – Vitamin E Supplement Shown to Reduce Chronic Lung Disease in Women, Including Smokers

LMU 233 – Vitamin D3 is Superior to Vitamin D2 in Supporting Immune System

LMU 232 – Small Amounts of Alcohol Shown to Increase Major Cardiovascular Events

LMU 231 – Vitamin D and Cancer Update

LMU 230 – Saw palmetto in the Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Enlargement

LMU 229 – Vitamin D and COVID-19 Update

LMU – 228 Artichoke Leaf Extract Supplements Increase the Good Cholesterol (HDL)

lmu-227 Raising the Good Cholesterol (HDL) with Gum Guggul

Multivitamin Shown to Slow Brain Aging by 60%

How to Raise the Good Cholesterol: HDL

Hawthorn in the Adjunctive Management and Prevention of High Blood Pressure, Heart Failure and Arrhythmia: The 2017 Review

Multiple Vitamin with Zinc and Extra Vitamin C Improves Immune Function

Antioxidant Supplements Can Reverse Male Infertility Problems in Many Cases

Physical Activity in Later Life Helps Guard Against Degenerative Disease and Promotes Longevity and Healthy Life Expectancy

Vitamin B12 in Alzheimer’s Prevention

Boswellia – A Natural Anti-inflammatory with Additional Anti-Cancer Properties

Constituent of Cruciferous Vegetable (Indole-3-Carbinol) Supplementation Shown to Reverse Precancerous Condition of the Cervix (Cervical Dysplasia)

Nutritional Factors and Cancer of the Cervix: A Review

Diet and Aerobic Exercise Successful Against Resistant High Blood Pressure

Creatine Supplementation Enhances Memory Function In Healthy Adults of All Ages

High-Fat Diets Also Increase Heart Attack and Stroke Risk by Raising TMAO Blood Levels – A new risk factor of importance

Half-cup of Walnuts Daily Lowers Bad Cholesterol Even in Statin Drug Users

Omega-3 Fats Increase Longevity in Humans

Protein for Breakfast is Key Strategy for Muscle Strength-Mass, and Anti-Aging

Melatonin Recommended as First Choice Sleep Aid for Individuals Over 55 yr.

Fermented Foods Increase Friendly Gut Bacteria, Reduce Inflammation and Help Regulate Immune Function

Get Your LDL-Cholesterol into the Ideal Range to Prevent a Heart Attack

More Optimal Vitamin D Status Reduces Risk of Opioid Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms: 2021 Research Suggests

Colon Cancer Prevention: How genes interact with nutrition and lifestyle

Omega-3 Fat Supplementation (DHA) Decreases Risk of Early Preterm Births

Stress-Fighting Adaptogen Herbs: Scientific update and practical use in mental and physical health

Low Iodine Intake from Plant-based Diets Increasing Risk of Neurological Defects in Children

Diet and Botanical Agents for Premenstrual Syndrome – PMS

Vitamins and Minerals in the Management of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Vitamin D Treatment Guidelines for Covid-19 Patients

Vitamin D Supplementation Improves Outcomes for Covid-19 Patients: Study Shows