Lifestyle Medicine Updates

LMU 266 – Regulating Your Body’s mTOR Signaling Pathway in Cancer Prevention

LMU 265 – Green Tea, Resveratrol, Curcumin and CDP-Choline Reduce Amyloid Plaque in Alzheimer’s disease Prevention Model

LMU 264 – Supplements Reducing Lou Gehrig’s disease Risk: Promising evidence from neurology research

LMU 263 – Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling Reverses Pre-Diabetes and Prevents Type 2 Diabetes Development

LMU 262 – Reducing High Blood Pressure Lowers Alzheimer’s disease Risk

LMU 261 – Soy Isoflavones Linked to Reduced Risk of Cancer Incidence by 10%

LMU 260 – Two Studies Show That Green Tea Extract Lowers Bad Cholesterol and Improves Other Cardiovascular and Diabetic Risk Factors

LMU 259 – Higher Blood Selenium Strongly Linked to Reduction in Melanoma Recurrence and Improved Survival Outcomes

LMU 258 – Endurance Exercise May Reduce Risk of Parkinson’s disease via Irisin Release from Muscles

LMU 257 – Diabetic Drug Metformin Shows Evidence of Cancer Prevention, Therapy, and Anti-Aging

LMU 256 – 2021 Review Shows that Black Cohosh is Effective for Menopausal Symptoms

LMU 255 – Diet to Prevent Kidney Stones and Their Recurrence

LMU 254 – Added Dietary Fiber Improves Gut Microbiome and Health Status in Just One Week

LMU 253 – Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid Supplements Shown to Reverse Fatty Liver Problems (NASH)

LMU 252 – High LDL-Cholesterol Shown to be an Independent Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease: Large Meta-analysis Study

LMU 251 – Higher Potassium Intake Lower High Blood Pressure and Reduces Cardiovascular Deaths, Especially in Women

LMU 250 – Vitamin B6 Supplementation Shown to Help Treat Anxiety Disorders: Large Clinical Trial

LMU 249 – Daily Glucosamine Supplement Shown to Reduce Mortality from Many Causes, even in Smokers

LMU 248 – Boswellia Supplement Shown to Improve Knee Arthritis

LMU 247 – Stress Ages the Immune System, but Supplements and Lifestyle Factors Can Preserve Immune Function Under Stressful Conditions

LMU 246 – High Cholesterol Diet Increases Lung Inflammation, Making Influenza and Other Infections More Severe and Dangerous

LMU 245 – Dosage of Omega-3 Fats Required to Reduce High Blood Pressure Identified in JAMA Review

LMU 244 – Dietary Modification Shown to Improve Depression in Young Men

LMU 243 – Early Adult and Mid-Life Cholesterol and Glucose Levels Predict Alzheimer’s disease Later in Life (Framingham study 2022)

LMU 242 – Turkey Tail Mushroom Enhances Immune Function in Breast Cancer Patients After Radiation Treatment

LMU 241 – The Longevity Diet

LMU 240 – CDP-choline Supplementation Improves Memory in 50–85-year-old Subjects

LMU 239 – Vitamin E Supplementation Enhances Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment Leading to Improved Survival in Cancer Patients

LMU 238 – Just One Alcoholic Drink A Day Shown to Shrink Brain Size

LMU 237 – Niacin Administration (vitamin B3) Shows Further Evidence of Blocking Key Steps in Alzheimer’s disease Development

LMU 236 – The Negative Effect of Leaded Gasoline on the IQ of People Born in 60’s and 70’s and How to Remove Lead from Your Body

LMU 235 – Vitamin C Enhances the Lung Protective Effects of Vitamin E in Smokers and Non-Smokers

LMU 234 – Vitamin E Supplement Shown to Reduce Chronic Lung Disease in Women, Including Smokers

LMU 233 – Vitamin D3 is Superior to Vitamin D2 in Supporting Immune System

LMU 232 – Small Amounts of Alcohol Shown to Increase Major Cardiovascular Events

LMU 231 – Vitamin D and Cancer Update

LMU 230 – Saw palmetto in the Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Enlargement

LMU 229 – Vitamin D and COVID-19 Update

LMU – 228 Artichoke Leaf Extract Supplements Increase the Good Cholesterol (HDL)

LMU-227 Raising the Good Cholesterol (HDL) with Gum Guggul

LMU-226 Multivitamin Shown to Slow Brain Aging by 60%

LMU-225 How to Raise the Good Cholesterol: HDL

LMU-224 Hawthorn in the Adjunctive Management and Prevention of High Blood Pressure, Heart Failure and Arrhythmia: The 2017 Review

LMU-223 Multiple Vitamin with Zinc and Extra Vitamin C Improves Immune Function

LMU-222 Antioxidant Supplements Can Reverse Male Infertility Problems in Many Cases

LMU-221 Physical Activity in Later Life Helps Guard Against Degenerative Disease and Promotes Longevity and Healthy Life Expectancy

LMU-220 Vitamin B12 in Alzheimer’s Prevention

LMU-219 Boswellia – A Natural Anti-inflammatory with Additional Anti-Cancer Properties

LMU-218 Constituent of Cruciferous Vegetable (Indole-3-Carbinol) Supplementation Shown to Reverse Precancerous Condition of the Cervix (Cervical Dysplasia)

LMU-217 Nutritional Factors and Cancer of the Cervix: A Review

LMU-216 Diet and Aerobic Exercise Successful Against Resistant High Blood Pressure

LMU-215 Creatine Supplementation Enhances Memory Function In Healthy Adults of All Ages

LMU 214 – More Plant-Based Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Covid-19 and its Complications

LMU-213 High-Fat Diets Also Increase Heart Attack and Stroke Risk by Raising TMAO Blood Levels – A new risk factor of importance

LMU-212 Half-cup of Walnuts Daily Lowers Bad Cholesterol Even in Statin Drug Users

LMU-211 Omega-3 Fats Increase Longevity in Humans

LMU-210 Protein for Breakfast is Key Strategy for Muscle Strength-Mass, and Anti-Aging

LMU-209 Melatonin Recommended as First Choice Sleep Aid for Individuals Over 55 yr.

LMU-208 Fermented Foods Increase Friendly Gut Bacteria, Reduce Inflammation and Help Regulate Immune Function

LMU-207 Get Your LDL-Cholesterol into the Ideal Range to Prevent a Heart Attack