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Join the many health care practitioners who have for years dispensed Adeeva Nutritional products and have the testimonials from many happy patients to show for it. Contact Adeeva Nutritionals to find out how you can dispense Adeeva Natural Supplements to your patients.

About Adeeva Supplements

For 15 years Adeeva Nutritionals has worked with health professionals in the US and Canada to provide the very best in quality in natural supplements supported by science based research. All formulas have been developed by Dr. James Meschino and are manufactured by Adeeva Nutritionals in a state of the art facility adhering to the highest industry standards and are approved by the Canadian Health Protections Branch (HPB).

Powerful Resources for Health Professionals

While Adeeva Nutritionals and Dr. Meschino have always strived to provide resources to Health Professional we are particularly pleased to provide even more resources to the Heath Professional that are both easy find, informative and useful.

lease Enjoy these resources for the Health Care Professional

Nutrition Update A twice a month video newsletter targeting a specific health condition that provides a diet, lifestyle and supplement regime that can be forwarded to your patients. Videos are then posted on www.adeevainfo.com Clinical Guide to Adeeva Supplements Provide a summary of the features and benefit of the entire Adeeva Product line. Meschino’s Comprehensive Guides Adeevainfo.com provides 4 eBook by Dr. Meschino that can be easily navigated to find information on any vitamin, herb, mineral, accessory nutrient or essential fatty acid. All eBooks can be downloaded. CE (Continuing Education) Lecture Series View Dr Meschino’s live CE seminars addressing the impact of nutrition and supplementation on various health conditions Blood Tests / Health Screening Forms A form outlining the most applicable blood tests in patient management Blood Tests Interpretation Forms See optimal values of each blood test for longevity, and short explanation of test significance