A significant number of experimental and clinical research studies suggest that certain dietary practices and the use of specific nutritional supplements may be of value in help to prevent recurrence or progression of certain cancers. These measures are not to be used in place of recommended medical protocols, but rather, may be considered as additional interventions that may further help in these cases. In all instances, the following considerations should not be employed without the attending physicians knowledge and consent. Dietary and supplement considerations to manage and/or prevent cancer include:

Recommended Supplements

For those with a history of cancer the following adjunctive measures may be used in conjunction with standard medical treatment and/or after medical treatment is completed. If choosing to use these practices during medical treatment you must gain permission from your attending medical physician.

Nature’s Essential Oils contain the perfect blend of essential fatty acids that have been shown to maintain brain integrity, reduce brain inflammation, improve circulation in the brain’s blood vessels, and possibly help discourage the build-up of amyloid plaque.

Immuno-Detox Prime contains 4 natural agents which boost immune function and detoxification enzymes in the liver, and help to repair damaged liver cells. Heavy alcohol consumption is known to weaken the immune system, damage liver cells and over tax liver detoxification enzymes.


4 capsules per day

Nature’s Relief contains the four most powerful natural herbal agents shown to suppress inflammation of virtually all body tissues. It can help to suppress the inflammation associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.


3 capsules per day