Kidney Disease (Chronic)

Kidneys help maintain the body's water balance, remove waste products and keep body chemicals in balance. The kidneys can become damaged in a multiple of ways. Exposure to chemicals, drugs or toxins, pesticides, poisons and chemotherapy are a few. Kidney (renal) failure can occur as a result of other disorders such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension or liver disease.

Recommended Supplements

“Ultimate Glutathione contains natural agents shown to slow the progression of chronic kidney diseases. Kidney disease is becoming increasingly common due to high rates of diabetes and use of drugs such as acetaminophen, which damages the functional cells of the kidney. Anyone with pre-diabetes or diabetes should strive to get their LDL – cholesterol (bad cholesterol) below 1.8mmol/L and to manage their triglyceride and blood sugar levels through proper diet and other lifestyle measures (i.e. physical activity and using such supplements as Adëeva CholesterEx and Body Burn). Raising glutathione levels can neutralize damaging effects of acetaminophen. The alpha-lipoic acid contained in Adëeva Ultimate Glutathione has been shown to slow the progression of kidney disease, in addition to the overall protective effects of raising cellular and blood glutathione levels.”

4 capsules per day