UV Exposure (Tanning Beds)

Studies reveal that ultra-violet light generates free radicals in the skin that promotes accelerated skin aging, wrinkles and increased risk of skin cancer. It is best to avoid over exposure to ultra-violet light, wear protective clothing and use a high SPF sunscreen to help reduce free radical damage to the skin over your lifetime. Note that cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption can also cause free radical damage to the skin from the inside out.

Recommended Supplements

All-In-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral contains boosted levels of important antioxidants that help protect the skin against free radical damage. UV-light exposure also depletes the skin’s antioxidants, which can be replenished with supplementation with the Adëeva All-In-One Multi-Vitamin & Mineral.

Essential HA contains a unique form of hyaluronic acid (H.A.) that reconstitutes all skin layers due to its microencapsulated form. HA is a skin antioxidant that gets depleted upon exposure to UV-light. Adëeva Essential HA spray and serum replenish the skin’s HA and has been shown to prevent and reverse wrinkles by acting as a natural skin humectant.

Ultimate Glutathione contains nutrients that boost cellular levels of glutathione, which is a key antioxidant in all cells in the body, including skin cells. UV-light causes free radical attack in the skin, requiring additional antioxidant protection from supplementation and topical H.A. (microencapsulated H.A.)

2-3 capsules per day