Patient Webinar

Patient Webinar

Co-sponsor Dr. Meschino’s patient webinar!

  • 1-hour webinar designed specifically for patients
  • Less technical, but chock-full of vital information in “layman’s terms”
  • Followed by a 30-minute Q & A session
  • No cost to you

Next Patient Webinar

Nutrition and Immunity
Tuesday, February 23 - 8:00 till 9:00 PM EST
Question & Answer session: 9pm – 9:30pm

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A message from Dr. Meschino and the Adeeva team:

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response from the practitioners who have attended Dr. Meschino’s recent Nutritional Medicine Webinar Series and many practitioners have asked how they can share these presentations with their patients to help educate them. This targeted patient-based webinar on Nutrition and Immunity is an opportunity for you to do just that – educate your patients on this important and timely subject, and help establish healthcare professionals as leaders in science-based, proactive health management strategies that greatly affect healthy life expectancy, quality of life and disease prevention.

If you choose to help promote this webinar to your patients, we will be happy to feature you and your clinic during the introduction and closing aspects of the webinar, with your name and clinic name appearing on the slide presentation.

If you feel this information would be helpful to your patients, especially during this critical pandemic period, and you would like to promote it to your patients, please contact a member of our Adeeva team and he/she will get you on the sponsor list and provide you with the resource materials to help promote the webinar to your patients, family, friends and community.

Thank you for supporting our educational endeavours at Adeeva.

Yours in Health,
Arlene Walker
on behalf of Dr. Meschino and the Adeeva team
Nathan: 1-888-251-1010 or
Arlene: 1-866-262-1010 or
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