Managed Health: How to Build a Managed Health Care Practice

Successful Chiropractors have built large practices by offering Managed Health Care. The ability to identify and develop personalized health regimens that both treat and prevent the most common health conditions is essential to a successful practice in today’s health care climate

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Impact on Bottom Line

Surveys show that consumers continue to seek out complementary health professionals who can fill the void, not addressed by medicine, providing patients with evidence-based strategies to better manage existing health conditions and preventive the age-related diseases of our time. The Healthcare Professional who embraces the Managed Health model expands their scope of their practice to reflect their true value in delivering holistic health care to patients, beyond simply treating neuro-musculo-skeletal problems. Chiropractors who have adopted this model report that it attracts many more referrals and substantially increases their profitability.

The Managed Health model simply includes the ability to provide patients with lifestyle, diet, and supplementation advice that works, based on the very latest in scientific research, and is cost and time-effective. This is in regards to conditions, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, inflammatory diseases, arthritic and autoimmune conditions, prostate enlargement, fibrocystic breast disease, memory loss, and many other common problems. Simply stated, once a patient develops some initial confidence in your chiropractic skills to relieve their pain and/or improve functionality of their neuro-musculo-skeletal systems, using the right skills and tools enables you to identify the most appropriate dietary, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations best suited to their entire health profile and longevity index.

The Nutrition Assessment

Completing a nutrition assessment as early as possible in your relationship with your patient enables you to establish your credentials as a Health Care Professional who is able to provide patients with the diet, lifestyle, and supplementation recommendations the patient knows is important to their long-term survival and quality of life. As a healthcare professional your ability to educate your patients on key health issues, and help them to develop a personal health strategy, generates the kind of trust that brings patients back to your office to consult on a wider variety of health needs. This includes insisting that other family members and friends have a consultation with you for health challenges they are facing, where standard medical care is not providing a complete, or satisfactory solution.

The Meschino Nutrition Assessment

The Meschino Nutrition Assessment is a free online resource that is perfectly suited to your clinical environment. The assessment can be completed by the patient in 10 to 15 minutes and instantly generates a 15 to 20 page comprehensive report complete with diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations. The report addresses existing health conditions, and identifies signs of nutritional deficiencies, drug-nutrient interactions and risk factors for major health problems, providing appropriate solutions to be discussed during your consultation.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Adeeva Nutritionals provides resources to the chiropractor to support their managed health care approach. At the health care professional can find neatly packaged solutions to address more than 80 health conditions or can access a supplement regimen based on age and gender. Other tools found on are Blood Test / Health Screening Forms and Blood Test Interpretation Forms. These are just some of the resources found at with more being added all the time.

For information on resources to help build you practice contact us at: or call 1-888-251-1010 ext 204 and ask for The Director of Chiropractic Resources

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