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As Dr. Meschino reviews the world-wide research on health, wellness and anti-aging, he disseminates this information using a variety of media:

Dr. Meschino's free online Nutrition, Lifestyle and Anti-Aging Assessment (Natural Health Test) analyzes several aspects of your health and provides you with a personalized feedback report tailored to your current health status.
Dr. Meschino is also the author of 3 wellness books
Dr. Meschino also conducts live seminars for healthcare professionals and for the general public
In this section, you will also find a downloadable Medical Screening Form which assists you and your doctor in scheduling blood tests and other recommended medical investigations. Dr. Meschino has also provided you with an Interpretation Table to use when reviewing your test results.

Use the page links on the left to view the various resources. We hope that you will explore all of what Dr. Meschino's Resources section has to offer!