Supporting Research

Adeeva products are formulated by Dr. James Meschino and include only ingredients that have been proven in human clinical studies to generate positive results. The amount of primary ingredients contained in each formula reflects the clinical dosage used to generate positive health outcomes in human clinical trials. Any claims or recommendations by Adeeva are referring to the inclusion of specific ingredients and dosages, as supported by the referenced research studies available on this webpage. Links to the research review articles and peer-reviewed scientific references that have influenced Dr. Meschino's formulations are provided on this page for your convenience.

No studies are available at this time on Adeeva formulations and Adeeva is therefore not able by law to make claims directly linking Adeeva supplements to a specific health condition. However, Adeeva is able to, on request provide testimonials from customers who have used Adeeva supplements and have experienced positive results.

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